Jerry is currently offering the workshops listed below within the US. These experiential workshops are typically half-day to full-day, based on your group or organization’s interest. Jerry is available to speak at churches and other organizations for shorter periods of time on many spiritual topics. Contact us with your detailed request for workshop topic(s) and dates, and to receive Jerry's workshop rates. All are welcome to attend Jerry's regular, year-round seminars and workshops at Southport Healing Arts in the beautiful North Carolina coastal city of Southport.


Meditation: A Closer Walk with God

Meditation is the single most powerful spiritual discipline. It is the door to God consciousness, and leads to true happiness and well being. This insightful and experiential workshop draws primarily from the mystical traditions and the Bible, along with teachings from Yoga. Apart from dreams, meditation is a source of spiritual guidance—a way in and through which God communicates with us. The yogis of India and other sages emphasized meditation as a means of spiritual illumination and physical strength. Many of them stressed the importance of certain physical, mental and spiritual practices to prepare for meditation—such as breath work, yoga postures and chanting.

Dreams: How They Can Guide You

If you ever said, "I had this weird dream" or "What could that dream mean?", this workshop is for you! Dreams are integral to our physical, mental, and spiritual development and awakening, and they are a natural way of knowing God and ourselves. We receive dream guidance on every aspect of our being—health, vocation, relationships, spirituality, daily life, and more. We get glimpses of our possible future, and even receive messages from our departed loved ones. Nothing of significance ever happens to us without it being first previewed in our dreams.

Christ and the Dawning New Era

We live in extraordinary times, potent with opportunities. The promise and grandeur of inner spiritual illumination can only be realized by those who know the importance of the times we live in. They are pointing toward a new wisdom-based consciousness that leads to “peace that passes understanding.” This is the time to claim our spiritual heritage!

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Jesus the Pattern: Attaining our Spiritual Stature

The purpose of our lives is to attain our true spiritual stature—to grow and take on “the image and likeness of God.” To do so, we not only need to get acquainted with Jesus’ teachings, but also how He applied truths in His own life. Hence, Jesus’ life, works, and resurrection are important to understand in attaining our Christ mind. Drawing primarily from the Bible and the Edgar Cayce readings, Jerry will share the myriad spiritual attributes of Jesus that we can emulate.


"Jerry Lazarus is an engaging and articulate presenter who speaks from his heart, with a depth and passion that stems from a person who truly lives the beliefs that he teaches. His knowledge is grounded in a spiritual understanding of both esoteric and traditional religion, practices and cultures, to which he brings a natural and genuine composure that makes everyone comfortable."
~ Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D.
Executive Director Emeritus
The Rhine Research Center