Christ and the Dawning New Era

This timely and experiential workshop explores what the Cayce readings and Bible reveal about the dawning new consciousness. Hinduism sees time in four cycles that repeat. Our current age is called Kali Yuga (Age of untruth and conflict) which started 5000 years ago and is now ending, and Satya Yuga (Golden Age or Age of Truth) is about to begin.

We live in extraordinary times, potent with opportunities. The promise and grandeur of inner spiritual illumination can only be realized by those who know the importance of the times we live in. They are pointing toward a new wisdom-based consciousness that leads to “peace that passes understanding.” This is the time to claim our spiritual heritage!

This workshop will address:
     ‣ The promise and vision of the New Era
     ‣ How to spiritually prepare for the New Era
     ‣ Specific spiritual disciplines for preparation
     ‣ How to claim the gifts of the New Era
     ‣ Becoming a part of ushering in the New Era


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“Be glad you have the opportunity to be alive at this time, and to be a part of that preparation for the coming [spiritual] influences. Be happy [for] it, and give thanks daily for it." 
~ Edgar Cayce 2376-3