Dreams: How They Can Guide You


God is mindful of us, and gives us counsel in all areas of our lives. This happens naturally through dreams. By listening to our dreams, and correctly interpreting and applying their messages, our lives improve—bringing us peace and joy!

This practical and experiential workshop will address:
     ‣ The foundation for dream interpretation
     ‣ 14 purposes of dreams
     ‣ Interpret dreams
     ‣ The significance and meaning of symbols and imageries
     ‣ Varieties of dreams
     ‣ Dream recall strategies
     ‣ Recurring dreams
     ‣ Nightmares
     ‣ "Bizarre" dreams and their meaning
     ‣ Applying dream messages

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Scroll down to see, Why should you study your dreams?

You can interpret your dreams! Otherwise you wouldn't have dreamt them!

"I found your class exceptionally well organized. All the material used in the class as well as your book were very informative and reinforced what we were learning in each group setting. Your teaching style is extremely effective and you are a master in what we call being able to use teachable moments. Your humor is always so engaging and appropriate. The passion you have for what you are doing is so genuine that it leaves all of us wanting to learn more of what you know. Hopefully I will grow spiritually with you again." 
           ~ Zana Tauriainen
              Duke University (OLLI), Fall 2012, Student
              Course: The Wisdom of Dreams

"I had heard Jerry speak before so I knew it would be good. Jerry manages the subject and group in a way that enriches the experience. He has a great mix of lecture and group participation. He is an obvious master of the subject matter and he is very conversational in the way he presents it. The way he covers the basic information was impressive—most people skip this step and go straight to the universal meanings of dreams. Jerry lays a foundation for the purpose and framework of dreams, which makes the interpretation experience deeper. I am grateful that Jerry is willingly to share his time and talent with us." 
          ~ Pam Young
             Dream Workshop, Nashville, TN, 2016


Why should you study your dreams?

If you’ve wondered what your dreams are about and if you’ve asked yourself any of the following questions, then dream work is for you.

 ‣ Do dreams have any meaning?
 ‣ Is there a way to interpret my dreams correctly?
 ‣ Can I make important decisions based on dream messages?
 ‣ Can dreams provide everyday, practical guidance?
 ‣ Can I receive information that would help a loved one?
 ‣ Does God speak to me in dreams?
 ‣ Can I have foreknowledge of things to come so that I can be better prepared or change the outcome?
 ‣ Do dreams inform me of new opportunities?
 ‣ Can a loved one - alive or deceased - communicate through dreams?
 ‣ Can I understand the “mysteries of life” through dreams?
 ‣ Would dream messages strengthen me during times of trials and suffering?
 ‣ Are prayers answered through dreams?
 ‣ Can I receive information that I do not know in waking state?
 ‣ Can dreams empower me?
 ‣ Is it possible to get insights into what I’m studying or pondering during daytime?
 ‣ Can dreams show me if I’m on the wrong path and give corrections?
 ‣ Do I receive information about my illness and how to heal through dreams?
 ‣ Is my calling, purpose, vocation or career addressed in dreams?
 ‣ Can I get dream guidance on my financial well being?

The answers to all of the above questions is YES! God is mindful of us, and gives us counsel and help in every area of our lives. This happens most often and most naturally and easily through dreams. If we learn to listen to our dreams, and correctly interpret and apply their messages, our lives will improve in every way - bringing peace and joy.

In essence, dreams will help us in our physical, mental, and spiritual development. They address problems that we face, point out opportunities, and offer “gifts” that we can claim. By working with dreams, we will have a clear purpose for our lives. Dream work is fulfilling and rewarding in every area of our lives.