"I found your class exceptionally well organized. All the material used in the class as well as your book were very informative and reinforced what we were learning in each group setting. Your teaching style is extremely effective and you are a master in what we call being able to use teachable moments. Your humor is always so engaging and appropriate. The passion you have for what you are doing is so genuine that it leaves all of us wanting to learn more of what you know. Hopefully I will grow spiritually with you again."
     ~ Zana Tauriainen
        Duke University (OLLI) Student
        Course: The Wisdom of Dreams

"Super fantastic—Best of conference!" 
     ~ KJ

"I attended Jerry’s dream workshop and I found exactly what I was looking for: A message centered around knowledge, experience, structure, and an appreciation for the richness of dreams. Jerry’s workshop gave me the tools needed to go deeper in my dream work and the motivation to go to the next level. After the workshop, Jerry made himself available for one-on-one dream counseling and mentoring sessions which proved to be quite valuable. They allowed us to share in a deeper, personal way and this seemed like the natural step to take after the workshop. Jerry is a friendly and approachable man, and you should get to know him. He has a beautiful message to share. His workshop and counseling sessions have helped transform my life. "
     ~ Bradford Taylor

"Thought provoking and insightful."  ~ RCB

"Jerry Lazarus is an engaging and articulate presenter who speaks from his heart, with a depth and passion that stems from a person who truly lives the beliefs that he teaches. His knowledge is grounded in a spiritual understanding of both esoteric and traditional religion, practices and cultures, to which he brings a natural and genuine composure that makes everyone comfortable."
     ~ Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D.
        Executive Director Emeritus
        Rhine Research Center

"I appreciate all the information you shared in your workshop. Before taking your workshop, I could not remember my dreams. Now I am not only remembering my dreams, but also understanding the messages."
      ~ Claudia Carter


"Very well prepared and delivered." 
     ~ KCH

"Attending Jerry’s dream workshop was one of the most important things I’ve done for myself. Being able to remember several dreams each morning, I had no idea what to make of all of these “messages” I was receiving in my dream state. Jerry gave me the tools to begin to understand what my dreams are telling me. What could be more important than understanding guidance coming from one’s higher self? Jerry is a natural at teaching spiritual concepts and it's a joy to be around his wonderful energy. The dream workshop was not only an educational day but also a fun day. Being with like-minded people and Jerry, who is one of those souls that you feel as if you’ve known forever. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone considering it. Don’t miss the opportunity!"
     ~ Barbara Terry

"Excellent speaker, very knowledgeable, but also very compassionate and empathetic."  
     ~ LM

"Jerry Lazarus is an authority on meditation and dream work and is a walking encyclopedia of references on the Edgar Cayce readings, their applications, in addition to being an invaluable resource on biblical correlations to the Cayce work. Jerry is an extremely personable gentleman with an amazing sense of humor and lightness of heart and spirit that is so desperately needed in our world today."
     ~ Karen Baumer

"I really enjoyed the dream workshop with Jerry Lazarus. It was a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We had fun with the group exercise of interpreting dreams. You don't have to be a student of Cayce to benefit greatly from Jerry's workshop. Jerry has a gift for using discernment, common sense, and inspiration to deliver the Truths in a way that we can easily apply them to our lives. I felt uplifted in a way that only happens when I am exposed to a teaching that rings true in my heart and I feel stimulated to work with my dreams using the practical tools that I learned at the workshop."
Maria O.

"Excellent! 5 stars! I thought Jerry had great command of the subject."
      ~ Retreat participant

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