Jerry is a contributing writer for Venture Inward magazine. Occasionally he writes for other publications.

The Real Enemy
Venture Inward, April/June 2019

Warning Dreams About Cancer:
An Interview with Larry Burk, M.D.

Jan/March 2019

Will: The Guiding Factor
Venture Inward, Oct/Dec 2018

Easter: The Triumph of Life
Venture Inward, April/June 2018

The Festival of Onam
Venture Inward, Oct/Dec 2017

From Eden to Gethsemane
Venture Inward, April/June 2017

Making and Keeping Friends
Venture Inward, Jan/March 2017

Turning the Other Cheek
Venture Inward, July/Sept 2016

The Power of Sincerity with Love
Venture Inward, January/March 2016

Do Not Look Back -- Let Go of Regrets and Longings
Venture Inward, July/September 2015
Seeds for the Garden of Life
A.R.E. Blog. January 2015
The Life and Teachings of the Buddha
Venture Inward, Jan/March 2015

Depending Upon God - 'Trust Wholly in Him' 
Venture Inward, July/Sept 2014

Scriptural Rx
Venture Inward, Jan/March 2014

Forgive and Forget
Venture Inward, July/Sept 2013

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Venture Inward, Oct/Dec 2012

Loving Indifference
Venture Inward Newsletter, Winter 2010

The Law of Love
Venture Inward, Jan/March 2010

What's Ego Got to Do with It
Southern Lights, Nov 2009

Get to Know Your Enemy
Southern Lights, Winter 2008

Recognizing Your Inner Guidance in Dreams
Innerchange, July 2005, Venture Inward, Jan/Feb 2008

Dream Column

Jerry writes a column, In Your Dreams, for Venture Inward magazine.

The Hulk Shall Be No More
Oct/Dec 2019

More Recurring Dreams
July/Sept 2018

The Lord Thy God is One
Jan/March 2018

Recurring Dreams
July/Sept 2017

Dreams and Miraculous Healing
Oct/Dec 2016

Improving Dream Recall: A Snapshot
April/June 2016

St. John Bosco: The Dreamer
Oct/Dec 2015

More Work Guidance in Dreams
April/June 2015
Work Guidance in Dreams
Oct/Dec 2014

Forgiving Archie Bunker
April/June 2014
Messages from the Other Side
Oct/Dec 2013
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
April/June 2013

The Purple Jewel
Oct/Dec 2012

Making Sense of Bizarre Dreams
April/June 2012

Keep Your Heart Singing
Oct/Dec 2011

Why I use Edgar Cayce's Approach
April/June 2011

Field of Endeavor
Oct/Dec 2010
Telepathic Dreams - Part 1 & 2
April/June 2010, Nov/Dec 2009

The Voice of God
July/August 2009
Faith and Hope
March/April 2009