Dreams: Listening to the Voice of God

Drawing from a rich collection of dreams from the Edgar Cayce readings, the Bible, the author’s own dreams and those of his contemporaries, Dreams: Listening to the Voice of God shows how dreams come to help, inform and uplift us in every area of our lives—relationships, career, healing, business, death, spirituality, and so many more.

Jerry explains 14 purposes and 17 varieties of dreams, including warning, informing, empowering, and correcting dreams. With specific guidance for recalling and interpreting dreams, and inspiring artwork, this book shows you how to benefit from the wisdom of dreams.

By weaving in his personal dream experiences, Jerry Lazarus demonstrates how to apply the messages in everyday life, and shows how those dreams have profoundly transformed his life.

"Dreams: Listening To The Voice of God is like no other dream book I’ve ever read! I thank the author for writing this amazing book and helping me to discover what messages I have been missing. I can now begin to “Listen To The Voice Of God!” 
     ~ Barbara Terry, Burlington, NC

"Reading your book has launched me into an unusual intimacy with my dreams. Thank you for awakening me to God's ever present guidance in my life".  
     ~ Nii Armah Sowah, Boulder, CO

Saint John Bosco -
Dreams: The Guiding Voice

The Don Bosco Congregation (Salesians) of the Catholic Church in Bangalore, India commissioned Jerry to write a book on St. John Bosco's dreams. St. John Bosco (1815-1888) was an Italian Roman Catholic priest of the Latin Chruch. He was an educator and a writer, and founder of the Salesian Congregation. He was guided through his dreams for 60 years of his life. Approximately 153 of his dreams have been recorded during his lifetime. The book, Saint John Bosco - Dreams: The Guiding Voice, was published in September 2015 to coincide with the saint’s bicentennial birthday celebration.

The book was released by Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, Rector Major of the Salesians at the Salesian Family Congress 2015 on September 26 in Kolkata, India.   

"Deeply impressive and clear, Jerry Lazarus shows how dreams play a vital role in our lives..."
     ~ Fr. Thomas Anchukandam SDB
        The Salesian Historical Institute, Rome

"This book is a serious study of several significant dreams of Don Bosco and the author has classified them into various categories. Reading the book has renewed my interest not only in the dreams of Don Bosco, but also in my own. And much more, it has renewed my desire to listen to God."
     ~ Fr. Maria Arokiam Kanaga SDB
        South Asia, Rome