Dreams - Listening to the Voice of God

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"This comprehensive handbook describes the Cayce approach to working with dreams in order to reach our highest potential. Of particular value and importance is Cayce’s spiritual foundation and focus; a spiritual perspective that is embodied by the author, bringing a rich aliveness and vibrancy to the material. I could literally feel Cayce’s presence within the pages! Cayce claimed this attunement to the mind of God was not a special skill, but something anyone could do through working with one’s own dreams. This book provides both an illuminated path as well as a modern day demonstration of successfully using this approach."
     ~ Sally Leathers
         New York

"Dreams: Listening To The Voice of God has become a go-to reference book for me in my own dream-work. It's not a cookie-cutter dream dictionary, more like a deep toolbox of resources and examples. With humor and precision, Jerry explores the varieties of dreams, how to see the messages therein, and, most importantly, how to apply dream guidance in waking life. It has changed me...Now I can tap into an inherent guidance system. Thank you, Jerry Lazarus, for your profound work!"
     ~ G. Wakeman
         Durham, NC

"Reading this book exceeded my expectations. It is beautifully illustrated. My favorite part was reading some of the author's own dreams! I found them to be vivid examples of the call to greater love and service, through an understanding of dreams."
     ~ Nina Whitcomb
         Alachua, FL


"Being a very active dreamer, I’ve read many books on dreams, always feeling unsatisfied with my quest for a book that would answer my questions. Dreams: Listening To The Voice Of God is like no other dream book I’ve ever read! 

"Jerry teaches that so many of the questions, both large and small, that we desire answers to in our lives are revealed in our dreams, if only we would pay attention and learn how to interpret the symbols and meanings of those dreams. Knowing that the answers and guidance we desire are only a dream away is so comforting. 

"Jerry gives numerous interesting dream examples and writes with such clarity that the reader effortlessly absorbs the techniques to begin their own dream interpretation. His vast knowledge of the Bible and the Cayce material keeps the reader turning to the next page as he intertwines the two.

"I thank the author for writing this amazing book and helping me to discover what messages I have been missing. I can now begin to “Listen To The Voice of God!”
     ~ Barbara Terry
        Burlington, NC

"Dreams: Listening to the Voice of God" provides a way to begin interpreting our dreams. Jerry Lazarus offers many valuable insights to the connection between spirituality and religion in regard to dreams. It was rewarding to appreciate this relationship. Personally, I believe that one can become more self-aware (i.e. spiritually) in understanding one’s dreams on a deeper level. The author helps us in realizing this.
     ~ Bill Haedrich, M.Div.

"My husband and I had the amazing experience of taking a class on dreams conducted by Jerry Lazarus and read this book for this class. His book far exceeded my expectations and has beautiful illustrations, but this does not say near enough.

"I have long been interested in dreams and their meaning ever since the time I met Gina Cerminara and became close friends with her. In my view, Gina was one of the most important students of Edgar Cayce, so she sets the bar very high for all other authors when discussing Cayce's messages. In his book, "Dreams: Listening to the Voice of God", Jerry comes through with very high marks. This book not only provides wonderful insights, but it a great read to boot."
     ~ Marie Stevenson
        Raleigh, NC

"Reading your book has launched me into an unusual intimacy with my dreams. I’m becoming more aware of my dreams, and their relevance to my daily life. I truly get excited about going to bed these days, just to hear God speak to me - literally. I feel really special to know that God cares about me personally, as he did all these important people in the Bible. Thank you for awakening me to God’s ever present guidance in my life."
      ~ Nii Armah Sowah
         Boulder, CO

"The book “Dreams: Listening to the Voice of God” is a work of uncompromising brilliance. One of the great books on the language of dreams, it is written in an easy to understand manner and offers a spiritual flavor that warms the soul.  It honors the Edgar Cayce teachings and yet expands and articulates a much more up-to-date perspective on this fascinating subject of discovering God’s voice throughout the dreaming process.  Here within these pages, are answers to the questions that support the seeker of wisdom and truth.  As a dream researcher, I recommend this book by Jerry Lazarus to anyone who wants to gain clarity about their nightly dream life and thereby enhance their everyday life, by leaps and bounds."  
      ~ Peggy Blake
         Norwich, CT

"I really enjoyed the book because I have always been interested in dreams. Reading it helped me understand the purpose of dreaming and different types of dreams. I found the dream examples and their interpretations fascinating. Since reading this book I feel as if I have been given the key to unlock the formerly hidden world that is my dreams."
      ~ Laurel Jackson
         Maynard, MA

"While reading your book, I turned over a few pages to go back. One of them was simply because I love the part where you share that you were giving a workshop and the room lit up on the overcast day, immediately after you said: “when you work with your dreams, light will come in your life!” I couldn't help but smile when I read that. Probably my favorite thing in the whole book. I do love your teaching style. It's a steadfast reminder that we have guidance from a loving force. I like the gentle reminders throughout your book that truth and guidance are there for us and that we also have to take what is offered to us and put it to action - take responsibility for ourselves." 
     ~ Maria Onofrietti
        Durham, NC