Saint John Bosco - Dreams: The Guiding Voice

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"St. John Bosco - Dreams: The Guiding Voice, is the first book to analyze and interpret Don Bosco's dreams. All other dream books published until now are a compilation of several of Don Bosco’s dreams, with little or no analysis and interpretations. Jerry Lazarus is also the first lay person to write on Don Bosco’s dreams. In this book, he has vividly brought out how God guided Don Bosco to carry out his mission for the young. I thank the author for accepting my invitation to write the book and congratulate him for his thorough study and presentation of Don Bosco’s dreams. Through examples, the author clearly demonstrates that dreams act as the central guiding voice—not just in Don Bosco’s life, but for all who are willing to listen and study their own dreams within the framework of a spiritual life. Anyone, especially the Salesians, will gain from reading this book."
     ~ Fr. Pius John SDB
         Dean of Studies
         Don Bosco Seminary
         Tumkur, Karnataka, India



September 2015
The book was released by Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, Rector Major of the Salesians at the Salesian Family Congress 2015 on September 26 in Kolkata, India.

In the center, holding the book: Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, Rector Major, Rome. On his left: Fr. Maria Arokiam Kanaga, sdb, Councillor, South Asia, Rome. On his right: Fr. Ivo Coelho sdb, Councillor for Formation, Rome.


"Deeply impressive and clear, Jerry Lazarus shows how dreams play a vital role in our lives. It’s fascinating to know that about one-third of the Bible consists of dreams, and Lazarus provides a clear explanation of many biblical dreams. The analysis and interpretation of Don Bosco’s dreams illustrate and confirm that his guidance came from God. I’m sure that those who read this book, especially the Salesians, will be inspired and enthused to commit themselves more effectively to Don Bosco’s initiatives."
     ~ Fr. Thomas Anchukandam SDB
         The Salesian Historical Institute

"The author, Jerry Lazarus, while not being a Salesian, nurtures a great love for Don Bosco and is very familiar with his life and spirit. This book is a serious study of several significant dreams of Don Bosco and the author has classified them into various categories: precognitive dreams, dreams dealing with his Oratory, reassuring dreams that recur at the crossroads of his life, those which help him guide his congregation, and those explaining the meaning of God’s action in his life. Salesians will surely appreciate and profit by this book. I congratulate and thank the author for his painstaking and inspiring work. This book has renewed my interest not only in the dreams of Don Bosco, but also in my own. And much more, it has renewed my desire to listen to God."
     ~ Fr. Maria Arokiam Kanaga SDB
        South Asia, Rome