Jesus the Pattern

What is our spiritual stature and what is Jesus the pattern? What has Jesus the pattern got to do with our spiritual stature? The purpose of our lives is to attain our true spiritual stature—to grow and take on “the image and likeness of God.”  Jesus perfectly demonstrated the way and called us to "come, follow Me." To claim our stature, we not only need to get acquainted with Jesus’ teachings, but also learn how He applied truths in His own life. Hence, Jesus’ life, works, and resurrection reveal the pattern to follow in attaining our Christ mind. Drawing primarily from the Bible and the Edgar Cayce readings, Jerry will share the myriad spiritual attributes of Jesus that we can emulate.

In this workshop, you will hear some of Jesus’ teachings and stories that illustrate truths and principles that we can practically apply in our own lives. When applied correctly, day by day, we awaken to our divine consciousness.

 ‣ Get acquainted with the 17 divine patterns in Jesus
 ‣ Participate in individual and group activities to develop these patterns
 ‣ Lay the groundwork for the “prayer and fasting” spiritual discipline
 ‣ Identify ways to overcome patterns of worry and stress
 ‣ Hear examples of prayers to bring about inner transformation
 ‣ Know how to access the Christ Spirit for help and aid


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“Ye are made strongin body, in mind, in soul and purposeby that power in Christ.
The power, then, is in the Christ. The pattern is in Jesus.”

Edgar Cayce, 2533-7

“Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus...”
Philippians 2:5