"I attended one of Jerry’s Duke University OLLI dream courses. He helped me interpret a nightmarish dream that has been recurring for 10 years. Later, I had some private counseling sessions with Jerry to help me understand and address this dream better. Jerry pointed out “areas” that needed work, but did so gently and as a suggestion. Whenever appropriate, he effortlessly related scriptural passages that were relevant to applying the dream’s message. He communicates honestly and clearly. He is an excellent listener, patient, and was genuinely interested in helping me.

"Working with Jerry, I realized that scripture and meditation were essential to my spiritual growth. Through this dream, a deep traumatic event from my past was completely resolved. A huge burden has been lifted and healed, and I no longer have this dream! I’ve worked with Jerry on other dreams that were equally beneficial."

     ~ Client, NC

"Working with Jerry has been invaluable in gaining a better understanding of my dreams. I’ve worked with a couple of other professionals who provided help and insights into my dreams. However, by working collaboratively with Jerry, we have hit home runs time and again. His experience with dreamwork, knowledge of diverse religious traditions, and his application of Edgar Cayce’s approach to dream interpretation are incredible. Working with Jerry is always part dreamwork and part spiritual work, resulting in strides in self-development which impact all areas of life: relationships, family, work, and spiritual life." 
     ~ Client, IL

"My counseling work with Jerry started 5 years ago. We have worked on just about every area of my life. As things came up for me, I was able to call Jerry and he helped me in practical ways to spiritually address each situation. For example, I have had anger issues and anxiety. With Jerry’s help, I was able to spiritually address both, along with learn how to pray and meditate. I have been free from anger and anxiety for 4 years now. Jerry also helped me to completely overcome my fears, and this has profoundly freed me in so many ways.

"Jerry’s knowledge of the scripture, ability to interpret dreams, and emphasis on how to apply truths are impressive. Jerry is a simple man with a vast spiritual knowledge. His patience, spiritual resourcefulness, and humor made our sessions a joyful experience, even when dealing with painful and sensitive topics. I consider him my spiritual advisor and friend, whose help has led me to a peaceful life." 
     ~ Client, NJ

“About a year ago, I sought counseling from Jerry because of intense anger and hatred regarding my circumstance. These emotions were growing and becoming disabling. Jerry spent a significant amount of time talking on many occasions, always recommending prayer and meditation––with specific instructions and feedback as my practice progressed.

"After discussing many dreams with Jerry, they have become consistently meaningful and a valuable guide. I'm now usually able to derive much insight from dreams, unaided. Though the underlying causes still need attention, the hostile emotions are almost entirely dissipated and no longer hinder my thoughts or work. I'm pleased and grateful to be on a better course and hope to continue that way." 
     ~ Client, NC