Spiritual counseling provides insights into your needs, challenges or issues, with counsel based on spiritual principles. Timely guidance can help you meet life’s challenges with the wisdom of spirituality—and turn them into stepping stones.

I'm here for you as life’s opportunities unfold: to help explore practical steps with spiritual insights; to encourage, inspire, and empower you—in a caring and non-judgmental way. As an ongoing, fluid process, spiritual counseling is proactive, dynamic, and inclusive of your entire being.

I can help you...

  • Spiritually meet a crisis, a loss (job, death, divorce), a past issue, family problems, and more

  • Turn life or career concerns into opportunities

  • Interpret and apply your dreams

  • Develop healthy and meaningful relationships

  • Manage and grow through feelings of anger, resentment, or bitterness (your own or others)

  • Discover new, fulfilling and positive directions for your life

  • Resolve the past to find peace and harmony

  • Interpret your spiritual/mystical experiences

  • Address or deepen your prayer or meditation life

  • Explore and implement new positive patterns

  • Review your life goals and explore ways to achieve your aspirations


"Jerry helped me to completely overcome my fears, and this has profoundly freed me in so many ways."  ~ Client, NJ

"A huge burden has been lifted and healed, and I no longer have this recurring dream!"   ~ Client, NC


Jerry is in Southport part of the year. Email Jerry to find out his Southport schedule.

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Do I need to bring dreams to work with you?


What is the benefit of working with my dreams?

It is highly beneficial to work with dreams in conjunction with counseling. Dream work within the context of counseling can produce deep insights. Through dreams we can gain insights into every area of our lives: career, relationship, health, income, opportunities, and so many more. Discussing your dreams in the context of your life is important to correctly interpret your dreams. We'll discuss your dreams to determine what they are revealing to you: your challenges, gifts, and opportunities that can help transform your life.

Do I have to be of a particular faith?

No. People of all faiths are welcome. Anyone open to spiritual work and growth can benefit from this work.

Do you work in conjunction with other therapists?

Yes. Sometimes others refer their clients for dream work or a spiritual perspective.

What should I do to schedule my first session?

Please sign up for a session by paying with PayPal or credit card. If you have any questions, contact Jerry.

"One who tries to realize spiritual consciousness is certainly superior to one who only talks of it.” 
~ Bhagavad Gita 6:44