Seminars are experiential and interactive.


October 28 ~ Spiritual Laws: The Christ Ideal

November 18 ~ Prayer and Meditation

At Southport Healing Arts

At Southport Healing Arts



January 20 ~ The Unity of Religions

January 27 ~ Jesus the Pattern

February 3 ~ Christ and His Promises

April 28 ~ Spiritual Healing


Topics that’ll be covered in these and future seminars include:


First Find Self
The Unfolding Mind
The Power of Friendship
Time, Space, and Patience
Personality and Individuality
The Seven Spiritual Centers in the Body
Sound, vibration, breath-work
The Ubiquitous Christ
Contentment, Humor, Gratitude
Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas - Hinduism
Spiritual experiences, Visions, Auras, Signs
Turning the Other Cheek

Do Not Look Back
Easter: The Triumph of Life
From Eden to Gethsemane
The Power of Sincerity with Love
Depending Upon God
Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Self-condemnation
Get to Know Your Enemy
“You are gods” - Attaining our Spiritual Stature
Spiritualizing Desires
The Principle of Oneness
Pitfalls on the Spiritual Path
The Life and Teachings of the Buddha


"I was very enthralled by the learnings yesterday at the meditation workshop! Thank you for doing a superb job communicating "the why" for meditation and helping us to realize anyone can tap their inner light with sincerity and intent."
~ Rosie Allen Ryan, St. James, NC

"I took a meditation workshop from Jerry and enjoyed it very much. I've continued with weekly meetings under his kind and watchful eye. Jerry is a delightful teacher and always open to discussion no matter what your views. With his guidance I hope to continue these studies for a long time to come."
~ Joan Forrester, Southport, NC

"Jerry's deep spiritual connections are a light to me as I explore my own."
~ A.H., Southport, NC